Infonautics Booking Engine - Benefits Of The Online Booking System For Hotels

11 Convincing Reasons to Choose the Online Booking System By INFONAUTICS GmbH


money1. Commission-Free Online Booking System For Flexible Pricing

The bookings made on your own website are based and achieved through your own sales and marketing activities. Why paying any commission for them? A commission-free online reservation system allows you a flexible pricing and the possibility to adapt and modify your rates at any time.


2.Easing The Workload At Your Reception Desk

Your guests are able to check 24 hours a day whether rooms are available. Sell your rooms and package offers even when your reception is not occupied .


brush-pencil3. Easy Publishing Of Your Packages On Your Website

No need of any programming or HTML skills to publish fast and easy in real-time your package and last minute offers on your website. Make use of the benefit to publish easily special offers on your website in order to increase and test the demands for additional services.


4. Save Time By Easy And Fast Updating Of Your DataSave Time With The Online Reservation System By Infonautics GmbH

There is no extensive training needed for this easy-to-use online administration. Simply and quick you can increase and close your room allotments and modify your room rates.


briefcase5. Module “Corporate Rates” For Your Corporate Customers

Do you work with corporate customers and partners? The module “Corporate Rates” enables your customers to booking rooms at agreed special rates via special login. You can define individual conditions per customer based on your contracts.


colorwheel6. The Booking Masks Correspond To The Existing Design Of Your Website

Your logo is clearly shown on each booking mask thus your guests gain confidence in making the booking directly at your hotel.


check7. Fast And Easy Booking Procedure For Your Customers

Your hotel guests can book online rooms and packages in only 3 steps. No unnecessary login procedure is requested.


email8. Automatic Booking Confirmation By E-mail And By SMS 

Once the guest has confirmed the booking he/she will receive automatically the booking confirmation by E-mail. A second confirmation will be sent simultaneously to your hotel. Upon request the booking confirmation can be sent to the guest additionally via SMS.


creditcard9.  Secure Data Transmission Of Credit Card Details (SSL)

Offer your guests a secure booking procedure and transmission of their credit card details. The online booking system uses one of the most widely deployed security protocol for secure data transmission SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). In the email confirmation to the hotel the credit card details are additionally encrypted and can only be decrypted again by the hotel.


10. No Cost-Intensive Investment In Hardware Or Database Software NecessaryOnline Booking System For Hotels

Only a PC or Mac with temporary Internet connection are needed to use the online booking system. The complete administration of the data such as room rates, room allotments and packages is done online. You have access to the online administration in order to manage your data and check the statistics from anywhere at any time via Internet.


Online-Buchungssystem in Website einbauen11. Simple Integration Into Your Already Existing Website

The online booking system can easily and quickly be integrated  via linkinto your already existing website and your guests are be able to book rooms and packages.

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