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INFONAUTICS GmbH was founded in 1995. The core competences of the company are in the following fields:


  • Software-Development
  • Internet-Solutions
  • Online Booking Systems
  • Quality Management Software
Software made in Switzerland 100%

Based on 20 years of experience in software development on many different operating systems the company is able to realize innovative and reliable solutions for the business of small and mid caps. Infonautics GmbH offers user-friendly, reasoned and successful solutions which can easily be integrated into already existing business transactions.

Our guidance motive reads accordingly:

Software Solutions – Clever.  Easy.  Reliable



Further Software developed by INFONAUTICS GmbH


Survey Software InfoWiz® – Analysis Of Guest Satisfaction Made Easy
The survey software InfoWiz® enables to easy analyze the satisfaction of your guests, customers, employees and partners. The Windows program allows online surveys as well as paper surveys. Compare your hotel anonymously with similar hotels in a hotel benchmark.
Further information about : How To Conduct A Customer Survey Easily


Live File Backup Software – Continuous Data Backup In The Background
Be on the save side with the backup software Live File Backup and your working files will be backed up constantly in the background. Live File Backup is the automatic backup software for continuous data backup between regular system backups.
Further information about: Automatic Backup Software


Directory List & Print – List, Print and Export Folder Contents
Would you like to list your music or image collection? Do you need a list of your directory tree indicating file size, file path and modification date? Directory List & Print allows you to simply and fast list file and folder lists, print the data or open them directly in Word, Excel or HTML table.
Further information: How to simply list, print and export a directory structure


Decision Making Helper – Decision Making Software To Take The Right Decision Easily
Are you facing an important decision? In privat or business life? Do you wish assistance in the decision making process? Based on the Weighted Decision Matrix enabling a differentiated evaluation of all decision criteria the software tool Decision Making Helper provides you valuable support during the decision making process. Taking the right decision will become a child’s play without losing sight of the seriousness of the decision-making process.
Further information about: Decision Making Helper Software


Online Desktop Presenter – Present Your Screen Content Online Via Internet
Do you have regurlary online presentations, online trainings, online sales talks? Online Desktop Presenter allows you to show your screen content to one or more viewers via Internet (FTP). When using Online Desktop Presenter for your presentations no software installation at the viewers site is needed.
Further information: Alternative to Remote Access Software