Commission-Free Online Booking System For Your Website

How To Integrate The Online Booking System Successfully Into Your Website

A commission-free online booking system offers a more flexible pricing. Not having to respect any commission payments allows you the modify and adapt your rates faster.

The following conditions must be met for a successful online reservation system with best profit on your website:


6 Golden Rules For A Successful Online Booking System



Best Price Policy With Your Booking System

Best Price Policy

Offer the best prices on your own website, i.e. your room rates are at least as favourable as offered on other booking platforms. This is easily possible with a commission-free online reservation system. The “Best Price Policy” is particularly important because the booking behaviour strongly tends towards the direct booking at the hotel.

Simple Booking Procedure Infonautics Booking Engine

Simple Booking Procedure

No hindrances during the booking procedure; i.e. no prior registration should be required nor should any messages be displayed such as “No vacancy for this period”. Alternative offers should be submitted instead.



Direct Communication With Hotel Via Online Reservation System

Direct Communication With The Hotel

No booking masks with third party’s unknown name and logo. The customer has most confidence in the hotel where he would like to make the booking. Payment can be made directly at the hotel.


Reservation Confirmation Via Booking System

Immediate Booking Confirmation

The guest receives the booking confirmation directly on screen and by e-mail. A second booking confirmation is sent simultaneously to the hotel.

Additional Offers Via Online Reservation System

Additional Offers

encourage the customer to make a booking. Make use of the module “Packages” to publish easily your latest special offers and the module “Corporate Rates” to allow your corporate customers to book at special rates


Online Booking System With User-Friendly Online Administration

Easy-To-Use Online Administration

Save time and reduce to a minimum your administration work to manage room rates and room allotments with a user-friendly online administration.

Integrate Successfully Your Commission-Free Online Booking System

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